· October, 2011

Stories about Singapore from October, 2011

Overview of Occupy Southeast Asia

  27 October 2011

‘Occupy’ protests are also spreading in Southeast Asia. Inspired by the global ‘Occupy’ movement, assemblies were organized this month in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore. Here is an overview of the 'Occupy' actions in the region and their online impact.

Why Occupy Singapore Failed

  19 October 2011

It seems Singaporeans are preoccupied with something else because nobody showed up in the OccupyRafflesPlace event which could have been the Singapore equivalent of the Occupy Wall Street protest. Bloggers discuss the failure and prospects of the initial attempt to 'Occupy Singapore'

Behold Singapore’s ‘Onternaut’ Netizens

  13 October 2011

They are online, they visit alternative websites, and they surf in the cyberspace like astronauts. They are Singapore’s ‘Onternauts’ or young netizens who use the internet to monitor news, share information, and engage in politics. But do they like to be called Onternauts?

Singapore's forgotten generation?

  6 October 2011

Wizard@McPeekay Institute reminds policymakers not to ignore the post-1960 generation who, according to the blogger, are the real ‘power brokers’ in Singapore society

Singapore: Regional Haze Map

  3 October 2011

The Meteorological Service Singapore website has a feature which provides a Regional Haze Map. Haze is reported to be getting intense this year in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Singapore: Shortage of Qualified Doctors

  3 October 2011

To address the lack of qualified medical professionals in Singapore, the government is hiring more foreign doctors aside from asking its Singapore-trained doctors who are working abroad to come home already

Meritocracy in Singapore

  3 October 2011

Elvin Ong proposes some reflective questions in understanding meritocracy in Singapore society. Some scholars blame the system for being ‘elitist and heartless.’