· April, 2011

Stories about Singapore from April, 2011

Singapore: Bloggers Criticize PAP Manifesto

  20 April 2011

Singapore’s ruling coalition, People’s Action Party, released its election manifesto on April 17, 2011, which was immediately criticized by many bloggers for being “too vague.” PAP has been in power for five decades already. The General Elections will take place on May 7.

China: Sunday Night Political Chat

  17 April 2011

Chinese academic and Internet celebrity Yu Jianrong found time during a recent visit to the United States to talk about China's current political climate amid the long string of recent arrests, and the country's future direction, bringing the discussion onto his microblog account late Sunday night.

Singapore: Debate on ‘Pampered’ Soldiers

  9 April 2011

Are Singapore soldiers ready for battle? This is one of the many questions raised by netizens who are reacting to the photo of a young serviceman whose backpack is being carried by someone believed to be their family domestic helper

Singapore: Understudy MPs

  8 April 2011

Chua Chin Leng blogs about the training of understudy Members of Parliament in Singapore where rookie leaders are ‘understudying’ the job of senior politicians.

Singapore: Open letter to Opposition parties

  8 April 2011

Blogger Live.Life from Singapore writes an open letter to Opposition parties which will participate in this year's elections: “To win our hearts you have to offer concrete programs and ways to better Singaporeans’ lives.”

Yale to set up campus in Singapore

  3 April 2011

Yale University, in cooperation with the National University of Singapore, will set-up the Yale-NUS College which will be Singapore's first liberal arts college. Bloggers debate whether the project will succeed and if it's wise for a local university to gain prestige by partnering with Yale instead of developing its own brand

Southeast Asia: Media Says Sorry Over ‘Insensitive’ Japan Posts

  2 April 2011

Singapore’s MediaCorp, Thailand’s The Nation, and Malaysia’s Berita Harian – all belonging to mainstream media in their respective countries – were forced to apologize to the public for publishing ‘insensitive’ articles about the Japan earthquake/tsunami disaster. Bloggers react