· March, 2011

Stories about Singapore from March, 2011

Singapore: Reactions to Japan Earthquake Disaster

  20 March 2011

In this post, read the first hand account of Singapore students during the earthquake in Japan. Find out why a media giant in Singapore apologized for sending a marketing email about the quake. And bloggers react to the statement of the Senior Minister who compared the ‘noisy’ Singaporeans with the ‘stoic’ Japanese in times of disasters.

Hollaback! Mobile Technology Against Street Harassment

  8 March 2011

Based on the premise that "the explosion of mobile technology has given us an unprecedented opportunity to end street harassment," Hollaback! is encouraging women around the world to use the tools available to them to share their stories and geo-locate incidents and reports.

Singapore: Netizens Discuss Election Issues

  4 March 2011

As Singapore prepares for the General Elections 2011, netizens are actively commenting on various election issues. Will PAP, the ruling party for more than four decades, remain dominant? What are the demands of voters?