· January, 2011

Stories about Singapore from January, 2011

Wanted: More Babies Needed in Singapore

  26 January 2011

Singapore’s total fertility rate has decreased to an all-time low at 1.16 percent. To increase population, the government proposes to increase the number of foreign workers and residents in the prosperous city state. Here are some reactions from the blogosphere

Video: Shoemakers of the World

  21 January 2011

Today's videos focus on the artisans around the world still making shoes by hand. From Mexico to Japan: we'll take a look at how different shoes, slippers and sandals are made.

Singapore's real economy

  21 January 2011

Reacting to the high ranking of Singapore in the global index of economic freedom, blogger econospeak insists that the prosperous city state is actually a “curious mixture of socialism and state planning with innovative free market approaches.”

Singapore: Salary of foreign maids

  21 January 2011

kaffein-nated from Singapore discusses the mandated increase in the salary of foreign maids while locals continue to wait for a pay increase.