· August, 2010

Stories about Singapore from August, 2010

Southeast Asia: Durian, the “King of Fruits”

  28 August 2010

Durian is the ‘king of fruits’ in Southeast Asia. It is known for its strong smell and taste which are appreciated and detested at the same time by many people. In this post, bloggers from the region share their ‘durian stories.’

The Great Floods of Singapore

  8 August 2010

A series of freak floods hit Singapore in the past month which is unprecedented for a city state widely recognized as an urban paradise. Residents are angry and they want answers for the apparent lack of government preparation and response during the flooding disaster. Bloggers share their reactions

Indians In Singapore

  5 August 2010

Abhijit at Blowing In The Wind informs that the proportion of Indians in Singapore has increased to 353,000, which is about 9.2 per cent of the population.