· July, 2010

Stories about Singapore from July, 2010

Singapore: Flooding and government

  23 July 2010

Siew Kum Hong tries to understand the recent flooding disaster in Singapore and reminds authorities that people are angry because of the “scope and location of the floods that have been occurring and the Government's cavalier response so far.”

Censorship in Singapore

  22 July 2010

Singapore authorities caused a major uproar when they banned a film of an ex-political prisoner and arrested a British author who wrote a book about the death penalty in Singapore. Bloggers react

Singaporeans hate mega churches?

  15 July 2010

Blogger Irreligious tries to understand why some people in Singapore are skeptical about the rise of mega churches or church groups with large congregations

Singapore: Higher bus fares

  15 July 2010

Blowin’ in the Wind compares the old and new bus fares in Singapore and notes that many commuters have to pay more today.

Xenophobic Singapore?

  15 July 2010

In a blogpost titled Xenophobic Singapore, blogger Freak Thoughts traces the history of the city state to remind Singaporeans not to discriminate against Chinese immigrants.

Singapore: Political film removed from youtube

  15 July 2010

Martyn See was ordered by Singapore's Media Development Authority to remove the political film he uploaded on youtube. The film was banned by the government but Singaporean netizens have already widely distributed it in many sites.

Flood-free Singapore?

  8 July 2010

Singapore Social and Political Thoughts reacts to the statement of the Prime Minister about the impossibility of the public expectation of a flood-free Singapore. The city-state was hit by flashfloods last month.