· November, 2009

Stories about Singapore from November, 2009

Singapore: Is It a City or Country?

  30 November 2009

Is Singapore a city or a country? This question seems silly since Singapore is globally recognized as an independent state. But for Singapore Law Minister K. Shanmugam, Singapore should be treated as a city. This remark triggered a debate in the blogosphere.

Malaysia-Singapore Water Agreements Under Review

  22 November 2009

Singapore sources about half of its water supply from its neighbor, Malaysia. It has two major water agreements with Malaysia. One of these agreements will expire two years from now. Malaysia’s former Prime Minister, through his blog, asks if the current government will negotiate for a better deal.

Singapore: Monitoring New Media

  14 November 2009

It has been reported in Singapore that “government ministries and agencies have been seeking social media intelligence services for monitoring online sentiments related to their scope of work.”