· February, 2009

Stories about Singapore from February, 2009

Chikungunya in Singapore

  10 February 2009

Dengue cases were down in Singapore last year but chikungunya infections were up. Last month more chikungunya cases were reported. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Health which included chikungunya fever in its weekly infectious disease bulletin. It is feared that chikungunya will soon become endemic in Singapore: “The...

Singapore: Internet not self-regulated enough

  5 February 2009

A Singapore minister complains that the internet “is not an effective self-regulated regime.” Mollymeek is worried that many Singaporeans consider self-regulation as an “unproblematically positive concept.” Molly asserts that “self-regulated regime is a disciplinary regime.”

Singapore: Art culture is a joke?

  5 February 2009

The Temple of Thoughts comments on the state of arts in Singapore: “Singapore is too efficient. We all got to admit, it’s clean, green, but sterile and concrete. Our art culture is a joke, and as much as we want to call ourselves vibrant and cultured, we still have a...