· January, 2009

Stories about Singapore from January, 2009

Two-party system inappropriate for Singapore?

  28 January 2009

groundnotes criticizes Singapore's Prime Minister for saying that political change cannot come from the opposition but from within the ruling party and that a two-party system is not suitable for Singapore because it doesn't have enough talent.

Southeast Asia: Ship of dreams and friendship

  16 January 2009

Take a luxury cruise liner, fill it with some 300 vibrant youths from Southeast Asia and Japan, stir in cultural agenda and social interactions. The result: a strong bond and lifetime friendship. This is the story of the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme.

Senior citizen sets on fire a Singapore lawmaker

  13 January 2009

Politicians should be more careful these days. Angry citizens are using extraordinary measures to express their rage against leaders. Last month a journalist from Iraq threw his shoes at U.S. President George Bush. Last Sunday, a 70 year old taxi driver lit a bottle of kerosene and threw it at Singapore lawmaker Seng Han Thong in a community club.