· May, 2007

Stories about Singapore from May, 2007

Singapore: Not Impressed by Twitter

  28 May 2007

Sheylara tries out Twitter and is not very impressed by it. “Where is the creativity? The entertainment value? The thing that will make people go, “Ahhh… that was worth my two seconds reading it.”?” (via tomorrow.sg)

Singapore's Myanmarese Go Online for Double Taxation Petition

  26 May 2007

Myanmar residents abroad have to pay an additional tax to the Myanmar government in addition to the tax they pay in their host countries. Failure to pay this this tax results in Myanmar embassy denying them consular services. Myanmarese residents in Singapore are using their blogs and other online means to get support for a petition to avoid this double taxation.

Singapore: Museum's Online Repository

  23 May 2007

Noelbynature feels that the launch of an online repository of the collections from museums in Singapore a “great step forward in making the material cultures featured in the museums more accessible to the public”. The blogger further encourages the repository creators to “provide more details about the exhibits in their...

Singapore: Interviewing Web 2.0 Hackers

  13 May 2007

Nimbupani interviews Herryanto Siatono, a developer in Singapore who “a social book-bookmarking site that also mashes up Amazon and Singapore National Library (NLB) catalogue information”

Singapore: Caned For Porning

  12 May 2007

Seems blogger Lam Chun See's son has been “porning” a lot lately. This “porning” has nothing to do with pornography. Lam Chun See explains what this Singlish term means.

Singapore: Singapore's Intrepid Traveller

  12 May 2007

Singapore's Intrepid traveller Popagandhi is in the Thai-Myanmar borderlands and meets an old soldier from the Nationalist Army that fled into South-East Asia after the communists took over China.

Singapore: Credit Cards Evil

Cowboy Caleb warns readers to stay away from Credit cards. “Teach your children well. Live within your means. Do not apply for more than 1 credit card unless you really have to. Save and invest all your money.”

Singapore: Ikea and Plastic Bags

  6 May 2007

Ikea in Singapore is trying to reduce plastic waste by not offering plastic bags to its customers. Rani, however is surprised that they still offer the plastic bags if you are willing to pay. “If Ikea is indeed trying to discourage the use of plastic bags, please, do not offer...

Singapore: Interviewing Software Builders

  2 May 2007

Nimbupani in Singapore is interviewing local software builders. “This week, I had a conversation with Choonkeat. Choonkeat is an action oriented geek who has developed two useful and popular “web 2.0″ services: rssfwd and more recently, sharedcopy.”