· March, 2007

Stories about Singapore from March, 2007

Singapore: Correcting Greek History

  29 March 2007

With the release of the movie 300 in Singapore, people are talking about Greek history. Modernburrow.lah.cc takes on a history teacher's letter to a newspaper in a bid to reflect the history more accurately.

Singapore: Crowdsourcing the Media Panel

  20 March 2007

Kevin Lim is inviting his readers to a panel titled “Crowdsourcing the Media” that he is moderating as a part of a technology conference. “Initially entitled “Citizen Journalism”, the panel I’m moderating didn’t quite capture the feel of what the discussion was going to be about, so I renamed it...

Brunei: Lucky Singaporean Readers

  12 March 2007

Jewelle says that Singaporean are lucky as their government is not shy to spend money on public libraries and wishes for Brunei to do the same.

Singaporeans Blog about Indonesian Earthquake Tremors

  6 March 2007

Singaporeans has an extended lunch today as tremors from the earthquake in nearby Indonesian island of Sumatra resulted in precautionary evacuation of several buildings. There no news of casualty in Sumatra as of yet but some damage to buildings, power and telecom links were witnessed. Singaporean blogged about their experience...

Singapore: Cars from the 1960s

  4 March 2007

Singapore's heritage blogger Lam Chun See and a guest blogger on his blog recount their experiences with cars in the 1960s Singapore.

SIngapore: Farangs and Ice Hockey

  3 March 2007

TinkerTailor spots an ice hockey game in a Singapore skating rink that featured western Singapore expats playing against western expats from Thailand.

Singapore: Sex Education and Teen Pregnancy

  1 March 2007

Kitana blogs in response to a news story in Singapore that talked about a 9 year old girl getting pregnant. The blogger feels that objective sex education should be a must in schools. “I’m irritated at the lack of objective sex education in schools. There is all this moral talk...