· January, 2007

Stories about Singapore from January, 2007

Singapore: The First Fast Food Restaurant

  22 January 2007

Lam Chun See and his friend Peter Tan remember the first fast food restaurant in Singapore.”I doubt many young people know that Singapore’s first fast food restaurant was not from MacDonald’s or KFC …”

Singapore: Web Standards Meetup

  17 January 2007

Several Singapore bloggers attended the Web Standards Meetup organised by Singapore Web Standards Group. The Rambling Librarian attends the event as a newcomer to web standards and blogs about what he learnt.

Singapore: Kick Starting Web Entrepreneurship

  8 January 2007

Bjorn Lee comments on a event that a government agency is organising in Singapore to kick start web entrepreneurship. The blogger says “For starters, dun get government to push it. Get industry leaders, academics, foreign thought leaders from technological hubs in israel, silicon valley to speak at fund launches like...

Singapore: Strange Green Lights in the Sky

  7 January 2007

squareCircleZ and several other Singaporeans spot strange green lights over Singapore. squareCirclez writes “The light it was giving off was a neon-like light green, and the strangest thing was that no noise accompanied it.”

Saddam execution video re-ignites death penalty debates worldwide

  6 January 2007

Over the past four months, we've tried to feature and contextualise videos we felt should be seen and debated by a wider audience. Today's featured human rights video is something completely new. You may be one of the millions who have sought it out online – or you may have...

Singapore: Warranty Card and Ethnicity

  5 January 2007

Mr. Wang in Singapore has to fill in his ethnicity before submitting the warranty card for a electric fan. The blogger asks “After all these years, why do we still not realise that for most things in life (including the administration of home-appliance warranty certificates), the person's race is simply...

Singapore: The politics of Singapore's new media in 2006

  2 January 2007

Gerald Giam (via theory.isthereason.com) looks at 2006's highlights in new media and citizen journalism in Singapore. “The government’s “light touch” approach to regulating the Internet was probably one of the factors that emboldened many Singaporeans to step up and push the political boundaries through their blogs, podcasts (online sound clips)...

Meet The New Urban Cambodian Woman And Blogger: Keo Kalyan

  2 January 2007

In a country where long-time respected traditions dominate the way of life of the people, the role of women in education, social work and general lifestyle is still limited compared to men. “Women are supposed to stay at home, and always behave quietly and sweetly,” stated the Women’s Code of...