· December, 2006

Stories about Singapore from December, 2006

Malaysia: Maglev link between Singapore and Malaysia

  21 December 2006

Rajan Rishyakaran analayses the various forms of rapid transport links being considered between Malaysian city of Johor Bahru and Singapore and feels that planners should make better use of the existing infrastructure rather than coming up with exotic ideas like maglev trains.

Singapore: Youtube Video Leads to Firing of a Temp Employee

  12 December 2006

Themediaslut writes about an ISP/Mobile provider in Singapore who fired a temp worker for putting up a video on youtube that featured him and another employee playing around in the office. Analyzing the company's response to the press story on this incident, the blogger says “Right now, Starhub is being...

Singapore: Bus Handle Design

  11 December 2006

AEN Direct (via Tomorrow.sg) analyzes the standing passenger's support in a public bus in Singapore and says it fails in meeting the needs of passenger. The blogger conceptualises a more optimum design and urges the bus company to implement it.

Brunei: Singapore Dreaming

  3 December 2006

World of Pablo, once a Singapore resident reviews the latest Singapore made movie Singapore Dreaming. “The most important lesson that I learnt from the movie is how we live our life in struggling to meet the expectations of family and society. In Singapore, the expectations are basically the 5 Cs…....