· August, 2006

Stories about Singapore from August, 2006

Singapore: Rod Steiger of South East Asia

  25 August 2006

Enterprise Resilience Management Blog compares Singapore to Hollywood actor Rod Steiger. Steiger took on a wide variety of roles across genres making him the most connected actor. “Connectivity is also a good thing when talking about the global economy. The Rod Steiger of Southeast Asia is Singapore. That nation has...

Global Food Blog Report #28

  15 August 2006

#1: From Tanzania, MiRecipe.com spices up the day with an incredible easy and delicious recipe to prepare "Chatini Ya Ukwaju" (Tamarind Chutney). It is great with bread, and a tasty addition to your salad, fish or chicken dishes. Recipe in EN and Swahili. Get the recipe now! #2: From Germany,...

Singapore: Editor or People

  10 August 2006

Singapore's metablog Tomorrow.sg is asking its readers if it should continue as an editor moderated system or move to a system where the readers can vote to promote articles.

Food Blog Report #27

  6 August 2006

#1: From Stockholm, Sweden: Clivia's Cuisine and her marvelous Swiss chard dolmadas with rice and mushrooms! A gem of a recipe, and it looks delicious… Last week I visited Rosendals trädgårdar at Djurgården in Stockholm and found a big bunch of Swiss chard for only 15 SEK, so I bought...

Singapore: Librarians and Wikipedia

  3 August 2006

Rambling Librarian in Singapore discusses the use of Wikipedia as a resource by librarians. “Some librarians feel that a resource like Wikipedia should not be cited as part of an answer to a customer (in response to their information enquiry). I'm not saying their concerns have no basis. I'm just...