· May, 2006

Stories about Singapore from May, 2006

Singapore: All Talk, No Action

  31 May 2006

Lionel is irritated with armchair politicians – the people who find it easy to complain but shy away when it comes to doing something. “I'm sure you have encountered your fair share of the Singapore armchair politician: standing on a pedestal on an ivory tower and espousing nuggets of information...

Global Food Blog Report

  28 May 2006

#1: Viaggi & Sapori, an Italian living in Sweden, goes home in Venice for the weekend. She was invited  to a wedding of a friend: Matrimonio al profumo di muggheto. You Will LOVE every photo and description of the menu, everything looks and sounds incredibly delicious! #2: Peru Food reviews...

East Timor: Gunfire and Memories of National Day

  25 May 2006

tumbleweed in timor lorosae hears gunfire in East Timor and it reminds her of National Day celebrations in her native Singapore. “Instead of feeling terrified, I thought of how this crackling reminds me of joyous occasions. Probably the only time a normal Singaporean (read non-soldier or police) hears or sees...

The Global Voices Show #1

  24 May 2006

Global Voices is pleased to announce the first of our new magazine-style podcasts, which aim to do for online audio what the Global Voices web site does for text blogs — introduce listeners to some of the exciting offerings from podcasters around the world. In this episode we feature the...

Singapore: Citizen Journalism

  19 May 2006

Kevin at theory.isthereason.com has a post on citizen journalism during Singapore's recent elections. Kevin says “I can’t wait for the next elections to see more people turn off their televisions (passive media), and tune in to the internet to not just listen, but join in (active media).”

Singapore: Creative vs. Apple

  17 May 2006

Singapore based Creative Labs is suing Apple for patent infringement and wanting to stop Apple from selling iPods. Creative makes mp3 players that compete with Apple. Tech blogger Justing Lee asks Creative to “Stop Being a Sore Loser“

Bubble Gum Ban Video and Singapore

  14 May 2006

A video titled “Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble” by Nicholas Carlton was linked to Singapore's metablog Tomorrow.sg. Part of the footage is shot in Singapore and refers to Singapore's Bubble Gum ban. Some Singaporeans are not happy with the example use by the filmmaker. A comment on the Youtube page...

Singapore: Rethinking the Opposition

  11 May 2006

Exodusfalls does not agree with a ruling party MP who questioned the role of opposition in Singapore's parliament. “If we are to be a mature society, we as Singaporeans should not view the opposition as troublemakers, but as equally credible representatives of the people who also serve as a check-and-balance...

Singapore: Collaborative Science Fiction

  11 May 2006

“In mid century 2200, the oppressed male population of the earth started to rise for male emancipation, which is pushed by the technology that enables male to be pregnant and to breastfeed.” Rani is inviting co-authors to her wiki to help her write a story about a future where women...

Singapore: Politician being investigated for “criminal intimidation”

  9 May 2006

Opposition politician James Gomez's blog has updates on him being questioned for the second time by the police. Gomez was stopped from leaving for Sweden on Sunday to help investigations regarding an alleged charge of “criminal intimidation”. The politician got into a row with election officials last week when he...

Singapore: Blogs and Election results

  8 May 2006

The blogger at e pur si muove posts a marks card of blogs that where trying to predict the election results. Singapore's general election on Saturday brought back the ruling People's Action Party into power.

Malaysia: Pork rib soup

  5 May 2006

themediaslut introduces us to Bak Kuh Teh or Pork Rib Soup – a popular dish in Singapore and Malaysia. The blogger compares the Malaysian version with the one in Singapore.

Singapore: Village Badminton

  4 May 2006

Singapore's nostalgia blogger Lam Chun See writing at the goodmorningyesterday blog talks about his childhood Kampong(village) badminton playing days.

Singapore: Museum policy

  3 May 2006

Rambling Librarian takes on a policy by Singapore Art Museum that stops visitors from sketching the artwork on display. The blogger urges the museum to change their policy and start selling sketchbooks at the museum shop to encourage creative visitors.

Balanced election coverage

  1 May 2006

Journalist and academic Cherian Geoge wonders if the Singapore government is easing up on mainstream media's coverage of elections while blogger Xialanxue does not think so.