· April, 2006

Stories about Singapore from April, 2006

Singapore Election meme

  27 April 2006

There is no ban on blogging and podcasting in Singapore during the elections but the authorities warn against publishing anything that "persistently promotes a certain political view, or political party". Bloggers are slowing their output just to play safe and not wanting to inadvertently publish any content that might get...

Chinese opera in Singapore

  25 April 2006

Chinese opera came to Singapore with the early immigrants from China. They were very popular in the days before movies and television. Some troupes are still active and once in a while they stage a show. themediaslut has a photo heavy post on one such performance.

Taiwan: Regional aggregator coming

  24 April 2006

Prominent Taiwanese blogger Portnoy has started an English-language blog, Portnoy in Between. First up? Time to see a Chinese-language blog aggregator. “It is nothing about English hegemony;” he writes of Asia247 set to open June 4, “it is about how to communicate effectively, how to break the language divide, and...

Political discussions on blogs in Singapore

  20 April 2006

May 6th will be the polling day in Singapore's general elections this year. Tinkertailor comments on Tomorrow.sg and refers to a clarification by the authorities on the issue of political discussions on blogs and podcasts. There is no outright ban on discussions but the sites that consistantly promote a particular...

Unbuilding bridges

  19 April 2006

There's no bridge, and a lot of troubled water in Malaysia. It's all about the cancellation of Malaysia's plan to build a bridge to Singapore. Jeff Ooi has been following the fallout and also wondering whether the Malaysian press was gagged over the story.

Jedi elections. In Singapore?

  19 April 2006

mrbrown emphasises that his most recent podcast does not contain “explicit political content” because that is prohibited during the election period under the Singapore's Election Advertising Regulations. Instead it is about “a galaxy far far away” which happens to contain a complex civilisation holding elections.

Singapore politician blog

  19 April 2006

As election fever heightens in Singapore – speculation is becoming intense that an election date will be announced very soon – opposition political activist and blogger Goh Meng Seng gives a rousing post Time For Battle as he announces blog silence for three weeks.

Malaysia-Singapore half bridge

  14 April 2006

Rajan Rishiyakarn questions the various official statements issued by Malaysian officials on the scrapping of Malaysia-Singapore half-bridge project. The project was questionable from the start as Malaysia has started work on its half of the bridge and supporting immigration facilities while Singapore had not even commited to the project.

Historical fort restoration

  13 April 2006

Wormie wants a recently excavated colonial fort in Singapore to be turned into a national monument. The authorities are planning to re-bury the fort as they don't expect the restoration to be economically viable.

Malaysia-Singapore bridge

  12 April 2006

KTemoc discusses the surprise Malaysian decision to halt the construction of a controversial bridge between Malaysia and Singapore.

Levels of stupidity

  10 April 2006

Taiwanese politician and talk show host Li Ao is not a popular guy in Singapore at the moment. Li Ao had remarked last year that Singaporeans are stupider than Taiwan and Hong Kong people. Last week, on his talk show he finally explained that reason he had labelled Singaporeans as...

Podcast ban and regulation of blogs in Singapore

  10 April 2006

Back in August, 2005 when Dr. Chee Soon Juan, Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), first talked of his political platform in a podcast, the Atypical Singaporean commented in his blog: There is possibly zero chance for Opposition Parties to be heard on local radio and TV, and Podcasting...

Guilt-Free Food Blogs Review

  9 April 2006

#1: From Japan, I was just really very hungry Milking the soy bean, part 1: learn how to make soy milk with no special equipment. Milking the soy bean, part 2: learn how to prepare tofu at home. Milking the soy bean, part 3: Okara This is the concluding article...

Singapore: Document mistakenly sent

  8 April 2006

Zuco's Blog reports on Temasek Holdings's document that mistakenly sent out as attachment to some journalists. The document entitle “2006-03 Taurus Q&As” was a list of question and answer that designed to help its executives answer media enquiries.

Choosing a credit card

  8 April 2006

Ryan Wong discovered and recommends an e-commerce site where one can compare the various credit cards available in Singapore. Ryan's blog entry comes with a warning that financial discipline is a must for credit card holders.

Singabloodypore confirms, challenges Chemical Generation Singapore

  6 April 2006

Soci of Singabloodypore confirms Chemical Generation Singapore‘s speculations that one of Singabloodypore's bloggers is, in fact, the President of the Young Democrats in the Singapore Democratic Party. However, Soci challenges Chemical Generation's allegation that Singabloodypore is just another SDP tool for political propaganda by presenting the public profiles of all...

Podcast ban is politcally motivated

  5 April 2006

Relative to the prohibition against using podcasts for political campaigns, Singapore Election Watch reproduces a statement from the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Secretary-General that says this is not the first time that the ruling People's Action Party (PAP) has arbitrarily thwarted its efforts– the PAP banned videos in 1996 when...

Water, pipe and bridge

  4 April 2006

Ktemoc says the destruction of the causeway that carries the pipeline with which Malaysia supplies 50% of Singapore's water needs is not a coincidence to Malaysia's proposal to build a bridge where the causeway is. He says it is related to the unrealistic price that Singapore pays for the water...