· February, 2006

Stories about Singapore from February, 2006

Singapore: Leap Backward

  28 February 2006

Singaland senses in the latest government budget a step backward for Singapore: “The most telling sign is the decision to build 2-room flats for sale. The government had stopped building two- and three-room flats for sale in the 1980s as Singaporeans became well off and wanted to live in bigger...

Singapore: Missing Singaporeans

  28 February 2006

Littlespeck.com wonders where are all the missing Singaporeans. The number of new registered voters has risen slowly, despite a rising population, leading to the conclusion that many Singaporeans are going overseas to work, study or do business.

Laos, Singapore: Swords to Ploughshares

  27 February 2006

Preetam Rai visits the Singapore air show. The sight of the weapon merchants’ wares reminds him of what he had seen in Laos: war material turned into flowerpots.

Singapore, Thailand: Photoblogging Protests

  27 February 2006

Singapore-based themediaslut is photoblogging protests in Thailand against business mogul and PM Thaksin Shinawatra, who last week dissolved parliament and called snap elections as a response to the public outcry over the tax-free millions earned from the sale of a controlling stake in his Shin Corp. to Singapore's Temasek Holdings.

Malaysia, Singapore: Dangers of Technology

  24 February 2006

The scandal involving a Singapore student's taped sexual adventures spread on the Internet continues to draw comment. Singapore's A Worm's perspective talks about the dangers of modern technology, while Life is Just from Malaysia has similar thoughts: “The internet is growing ever so gracefully.”

Singapore: In-Between

  24 February 2006

At Singapore's Sayoni Speak, Sheila Rajamanikam describes what it's like being a transsexual: “I wish people around me could accept both parts of me: in a shaved head, packing, male looking body as well as a sari clad jewellery wearing one.”

Singapore: No More Senior Minister

  23 February 2006

Singapore Election Watch has a post from Yawning Bread arguing that Singapore should not have a “Senior Minister.” The post was created for retired long-time PM Lee Kuan Yew and then occupied by another former PM, Goh Chok Tong, when he retired (Lee became “Minister Mentor”). Yawning Bread points out...

Singapore: Cheerleader Sex Tape

  22 February 2006

All over the Singapore blogosphere are commentaries on an unfortunate high school cheerleader, nicknamed “Tammy NYP,” whose cellphone was allegedly stolen by a jealous classmate and whose sex video recorded on that phone is now spreading across the Internet. A post by Book of Aletheia on the topic now has...

Singapore, Malaysia: Chocolate Love

  20 February 2006

All U Can Eat Buffet discusses MILO, a drink made from chocolate-flavored powder that children all over Southeast Asia have grown to love. He's found at least two types: one made in Malaysia, which is sweeter, and one from Australia, which is creamier.

Singapore: Budget Wishes

  17 February 2006

Chemical Generation Singapore hopes housing and pensions will play a large part in the 2006 Singapore budget, which will be announced on Friday, Feb. 17: “They are the cornerstones of a Singaporean's bread and butter concerns.”

Singapore, Malaysia: Fruit Fuss

  16 February 2006

Malaysian business blog small and medium thoughts discusses an article that says Singapore has been repackaging Malaysian rambutan fruit as “Singapore Lychees” for re-export. Horrors! “This isn’t the first time I’ve read about this sort of wrong ‘country of origin effect’ attribution to Singapore.”

Singapore: Hard to Come Out

  16 February 2006

jin at Singapore's Sayoni Speak writes about how difficult it is to come out as a lesbian to members of her family. She's been trying. “But somehow, something always stops me from blurting out the words. I can’t seem to gather the courage.”

Singapore: Idol Audition

  16 February 2006

Kevin of crazy junkies describes his experience auditioning for the Singapore Idol talent competition.

Singapore: Funny Valentine

  15 February 2006

Doubleyellow suggests that Singapore should have its local version of Valentine's Day: a day to profess love for the government. “On this day, all bus and cab prices will be marked up 10% and GST will be increased to 50%.”

Singapore: Race To the Top

10 February 2006

On Ideoblog, a law professor thinks about countries such as Singapore competing for lucrative private banking business by relaxing their laws: “The main point is, to what extent does this represent a “race to the bottom” in which tiny “Delawares” like Singapore erode big countries’ ability to impose efficient taxes...

Singapore: Maturity

9 February 2006

A worm's perspective wonders if Singapore is really such a mature society.

Singapore: @ a Loss

6 February 2006

Imagethief complains about the overuse of the “@” symbol in Singapore “to add a whiff of technological glamour to undeserving brands.”