· November, 2005

Stories about Singapore from November, 2005

Singapore: History Lesson

30 November 2005

The Higher Criticism reviews the history of pre-colonial Singapore, which is often believed to have been an insignificant nullity.

Singapore: Blogger Sentence

28 November 2005

Singapore bloggers comment on the probation sentence received by the third blogger prosecuted for sedition. The blogger had made racist comments online and his sentence apparently includes immersion in the local Malay community.

Singapore: Value of Citizenship

28 November 2005

The amount of the fine levied on a Singapore pianist to avoid liability for defaulting on his national service obligations leads Singapore Alternatives to think about the “value of citizenship.”

Singapore: Blogger Domination

24 November 2005

Singaporeans believe that their society has the characteristics for global blogosphere domination, as evidenced by their grip on top Technorati searches! Agree or disagree? Follow the discussion at theory.isthereason.

Singapore: Death Penalty Questions

23 November 2005

From a Singapore Angle picks apart the U.N. Special Rapporteur's comments that Singapore's mandatory death penalty is against international law.

Singapore: Lost Cause?

22 November 2005

Chemical Generation Singapore adds his voice to a discussion on say-so.org on the theme: Is freedom of speech a lost cause in Singapore?

Singapore: Maid Perceptions

18 November 2005

Singapore's serialdeviant.org(y) says that a domestic helper ought to be treated as an employee not a servant, and that their employ should be the same as employing anyone else for a job.

Malaysia, Singapore: Fifteen Minutes

  17 November 2005

Overloaded by the hype and attention loaded on Singapore blogger-beauty Dawn Yang, Malaysia's Kenny Sia, following others, inquires whether she had a little something done to her eyes. Last week, Xialanxue wrote an open letter asking her to clarify whether she had plastic surgery. On her blog, Yang replies to...

Singapore: “Just a Pretty Girl With a Blog”

15 November 2005

Dawn Yang, a.k.a. clapbangkiss, could well be the first Singaporean blogger to find a talent agent purely on the basis of her online reputation: She is No. 1 on local site hottestblogger.com. The attention Yang has drawn surprises even the site's founder, Kahsoon. Writes Singapore's New Paper, the city-state's reigning...

On the Menu: Food Blogs from Southeast Asia!

  15 November 2005

Take one former graphic designer, a retired corporate banking and management consultant, a civil servant, a teacher, an amateur photographer, an academic and a freelance journalist. Add generous dollops of blogging software, several digital cameras, enthusiastic assistants/partners and web-hosting accounts (there are no substitutes for these ingredients). Stir them together and you get some of the best writing about Southeast Asian food this side of printed page.

Singapore, Hong Kong: Materialism

  2 November 2005

Responding to a news article about indebted Singaporeans, opposition politician James Gomez says that the promise of continued material growth creates a “false belief that debts accrued now can be cleared in the future.” Stardom Dreamer feels that the only thing wrong with materialism is when one overspends, but rethinks...

Malaysia, Singapore: Cross-Causeway Catfight

  1 November 2005

The Flyz's Blog chronicles the controversy that erupted after Singapore celebrity chick-blogger XiaXue posted comments about toilets for the handicapped. Malaysian blogger Kimberlycun called for a boycott of the products that advertise on XiaXue's blog. Disabled blogger Peter Tan also chimed in. The deluge of email forced some to pull...