· September, 2005

Stories about Singapore from September, 2005

Singapore: Blogs worse than porn?

28 September 2005

Huichieh Loy, at From a Singapore Angle takes issue with a recent commentary in the Straits Times newspaper saying blogs are worse than porn, and links to the storm of reaction this kicks up in the blogosphere.

Singapore: Habeat mulier animam?

26 September 2005

Singabloodypore joins what a local media report terms an ‘old debate’ about whether domestic helpers in the city-state need a day off. Via SimonWorld.

Malaysia: Bloggers’ pre-emptive strike

  19 September 2005

Freedom of speech or is it blatant abuse of Internet as a channel for expression? Come over to Malaysia. Just as the Singaporean government was hauling in three bloggers within a week and charging them under the Sedition Act, Malaysian bloggers are getting equally jittery over seditious commentaries being posted...

Singapore cracks down on bloggers

  19 September 2005

Freedom of speech or is it blatant abuse of Internet as a channel for expression? Just as Malaysian bloggers are getting jittery over seditious commentaries being posted by readers in their blogs, and over their potential legal ramifications, the Singaporean government has decided to charge three bloggers within a week,...

Singapore: Two bloggers charged with sedition

15 September 2005

From a Singapore Angle posts another follow-up on the case of two ethnic Chinese bloggers charged with sedition for allegedly making racist remarks on their blogs.

Singapore: online sedition

12 September 2005

From a Singapore Angle rounds up blogger coverage of the two bloggers charged with sedition for racist remarks online. There is also a follow-up post here. mr brown has more views here. Omeka Na Huria asks: are they being made an example?

Singapore: Fear of a White Elephant

8 September 2005

A mysterious installation of cardboard white elephants outside a subway station causes consternation in Singapore. Singapore Ink speculates on their origins, Doubleyellow cheers their existence, and Omeka na Huria says leave the protest pachyderms alone.

Singapore: Tehelka reporter

  6 September 2005

Aniruddha Bahal, the famous investigative journalist from India's online news site Tehelka.com, gave a talk at the Singapore National University in late August. An audio recording is now available.

Singapore: Wiki for policy

6 September 2005

Wannabe Lawyer is using wikispaces to build a wiki for Singapore Policy. “We know we are capable of robust political debate without descending in chaos, rioting and a destruction of our society,” the blogger says.

Singapore: Godcasting

6 September 2005

Godcasting, anyone? “Religious and spiritually themed podcasts” are making their way into iPods, allowing those in hospitals, oversleepers, and others who can’t make it to their place of worship the opportunity to catch up on their time with God.

Singapore: Writers Festival

5 September 2005

Singapore Writers Festival drew to a close September 4. Author Cory Doctorow was there to give a talk.

Indonesia: Katrina Hurricane

  5 September 2005

Indonesian blogger A. Fatih Syuhud appeals for alms for Americans affected by Katrina Hurricane. Singapore blogger Yuhui wonders if life will return toNew Orleans to the same level of its Mardi Gras-inspired madness.

Singapore: Blogger wins poetry awards

1 September 2005

Lawyer/blogger Gilbert KohChin Wang won the Golden Point Award 2005 for English Poetry. The Awards is the only national creative writing competition which welcomes entries in the four official languages in Singapore, namely English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Singapore: New anti-terrorist tactics

1 September 2005

Singapore tightens anti-terrorist procedure. Trucks carrying petrol and other flammable materials will be limited to three entry points into the central business district effective October1. Besides, satellite guided tracking devices have been fitted to the trucks and alarm will be triggered if the driver strays from the approved routes.