· August, 2005

Stories about Singapore from August, 2005

Macao: Better air routes

  31 August 2005

Budget airlines are adding new routes linking Macao and South-East Asia. Singapore-based Tiger Airways will launch flights between Macao and Manila in late October 2005, in addition to its Singapore-Macao route. Air Asia currently operates Macao-Kuala lumpur and Macao-Bangkok flights.

Singapore: Migration blues

30 August 2005

Singaporeans thinking about migrating are being reminded that migration is not a bed of roses. “Just get your feet in the door. Other doors will open….” might not be a mantra that works wonders.

Singapore: Blogs in public exam papers

30 August 2005

Blogs and podcasting are becoming accepted phenomena as bothappeared as the essay question for the General Paper in the 2005 preliminary examination in the junior college.

Singapore: Quitters’ Exodus

29 August 2005

Did Singapore premier Lee Hsien Loong break down during the National Day Rally because today's youngsters would just give up their citizenship so easily for greener pastures without second thought when they could not be satisfied materially?

Singapore: Blog voyeurs?

25 August 2005

Newspaper readers are asked whether they agree that “People who read blogs are basically voyeurs who have no lives of their own.” eGen objects to what they called a sweeping statement. “As with most inventions, blogging can be a helpful tool – it depends on why and how we use...

Singapire: Anti-Piracy

25 August 2005

The fight against piracy continues in Singapore. The Recording Industry Association Singapore (RIAS) collaborated with the police to arrest 3 people for sharing their music collections on the net. Under Singapore's new anti-piracy laws, the trio can face up to 5 years jail time or a S$10,000 fine each.

Singapore: The right to vote

  22 August 2005

After the Presidential Elections that never were, here comes the awakening: Straits Times political editor Zuraidah Ibrahim argues that the institution of Elected President is not very important, and blames the citizenry's mixed feelings as being “misguided and misdirected”. Her news analysis has aroused discomfort among Singaporean bloggers such as...

Singapore: Artsy blog

18 August 2005

What will become when a young Singaporean lawyer turns blogger? An artsy Reader's Eye… and poems by Gilbert Koh that got published from Singapore to Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Singapore: Mother of all freedoms

18 August 2005

To some, politics is the pursuit of happiness: “… political freedoms are important only because without them, we can’t secure the other freedoms–because we would have to count upon the benevolence of our liberal and enlightened overlords, which is basically madness.” That's from a Singapore Angle.

Singapore: Flickr & graphic novels

17 August 2005

Daryl Sng, who newly gave in to Flickr, is a Singaporean blogger and a full-blown fan of Boston Red Sox who recollects fond memories of America in his e-space. Working in the Ministry of Law, he amazingly still finds time poring into graphic novels. He thinks Ethel & Ernest is...

Singapore: A protest in sunny Singapore

12 August 2005

Omeka Na Huria posts a first-hand account from a peaceful political protestor in Singapore. The four protestors were met by more than a dozen of Singapore's finest riot police in full riot gear.

Singapore: National Day

9 August 2005

Today is Singapore's National Day, and it's also the 40th anniversary of Singapore's independence. Daryl Sng muses that it feels odd to have a country younger than his parents, while Mr.Brown's family provided color commentary on the National Day Parade. Tomorrow.sg also has a roundup of Singapore blogs celebrating their...

Singapore: Singlish!

8 August 2005

From a Singapore Anglehas some thoughts on Singlish, Singapore's homegrown patois.

East Asia: Nominations Open…

  6 August 2005

The overseas Chinese blog Yellow Peril writes, in a sort of round-about fashion, about how female asian bloggers who write about sex are human rights pioneers.

Singapore: RadioSDP – A pleasant surprise

5 August 2005

Omeka Na Huria is pleasantly surprised that the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), one of Singapore's few opposition parties, has started podcasting. However, Mr. Brown is, in his own unique way, somewhat skeptical of the endevour. And Wannabe Lawyer actually reviews the content–well, kinda…

Singapore: Newspaper response

1 August 2005

From a Singapore Angle reponds to a newspaper negative article about blogging that appeared in Sunday's Straits Times.