· July, 2005

Stories about Singapore from July, 2005

Singapore: New Blog

28 July 2005

Coup de Grâce is a new policy-oriented Singapore blog; so far it looks quite promising. (via From a Singapore Angle)

Singapore: SG Entrepreneurs

26 July 2005

A new blog devoted to entrepreneurship has been launched in Singapore. It's actually kinda interesting, since the Singaporean economic model has not been particularly entrepreneurship-heavy, unlike, say the Hong Kong or Taiwanese economic models…

Singapore: Xiaxue hacked

21 July 2005

Daryl Sng is reporting that popular Singapore blogger Xiaxue has had her blog and email broken into. Mr.Brown notes that another Singaporean blogger also had her blog hacked and recommends that Singapore bloggers change their passwords (he also gives good hints on how to pick a good password).

Singapore: Bloggers.SG 2005 Photos

20 July 2005

Speaking of Bloggers.SG, the Singapore blogging conference, Tomorrow.SG has posted links to a number of photo galleries documenting the event.

Singapore: Bloggers.SG

  18 July 2005

Bloggers.sg, the Singaporean blog conference, seems to have been a smashing success. Mr.Brown has his intial reactions and a lengthy list of Singapore blogs commenting on the event; this trackback list from Tomorrow.sg lists more blogs commenting on the very popular event. It even spawned its Wikipedia page! Daryl Sng...

My Reelity

15 July 2005

Tomorrow.sg points to the blog of a local Singaporean actor.

Omeka Na Huria: Don't the Singapore Police have better things to do?

11 July 2005

Singaporean blogger Jacob George writes about how the police broke up a book signing on the pretext that they were showing an unlicensed video in public. The video was a tape of some peaceful protestors in Hong Kong; the book signing was by one of Singapore's leading opposition politicians…

Pacific Rim and East Asia Thursday Blog Roundup

  7 July 2005

Bloggers.sg, Singapore's upcoming blog conference, gets a short write-up in the Straits Times, reports Mr.Brown. Japanpundit reports that, for the first time, an iced green tea beverage will probably beat out Coca-Cola for the number two spot in Japan's soft-drink wars. The number one spot is held by a brand...

Pacific Rim/East Asia Daily Blog Roundup

  6 July 2005

Tomorrow.sg announces that Bloggers.sg, the upcoming Singaporean Blogger Conference, has a new venue, as the old one was too small. They also posted an updated conference schedule for the July 16th event. Also in Singapore, Mr.Brown deconstructs the MRT's fare hike adjustment poster. Mongolian-North Korean detente? New Mongols points to...

Pacific Rim/East Asian Daily Blog Roundup

  5 July 2005

Danwei reports that a state-owned film company's website has been blocked inside China… because they failed to register the site with the Ministry of Information Industries. Fons Tuinstra writes about a Chinese-language group blog that's translating articles from English into Chinese. The Sassy Lawyer announces that she's started writing a...

Monday Pacific Rim/East Asia Blog Roundup

  4 July 2005

Mr.Brown reports that Singapore’s most popular Chinese-language broadsheet ran a feature article about Singaporean bloggers and their upcoming conference. Malaysian blogger Kenny Sia has his own particular take on the personal politics of blogging. Following up on a piece from last Wednesday’s blog roundup, Danwei passes along the information that...