· February, 2011

Stories about East Asia from February, 2011

Japan: The Pre-History of Japanese Hip Hop

  21 February 2011

David Z. Morris reported [en] that Japanese hip-hop was born in the 19th century. The blogger also suggested links to some academic articles that explain its origins and development.

Youtube Video Mocking Kim Jong-il's Commemorative Stamp

  21 February 2011

A South Korean user uploaded a Youtube video[ko] mocking North Korea's latest commemorative stamp which was made to celebrate Kim Jong-il's birthday. The video claims that the three monkeys from the stamp which all sit on a same tree branch (appears on the video around 2 min 10 sec) refer...

China: A staged revolution

  21 February 2011

C Custer from China Geek blogs about the spread of “Jasmine revolution” through messages from outside China and the police's over reaction from inside China. He also records the “revolutionary atmosphere” in Beijing Wangfujing area.

China: Debating with Shaun Rein

  21 February 2011

Dan from China Law Blog opens a debate with CNBC's Columnist Shaun Rein, who enjoys representing Chinese point of view and recently wrote an article on “Why A Fast Appreciating Yuan Won't Help US Economy.”

China: Jasmine Protest

  21 February 2011

Junling Hu from Democracy in China reports and reflects upon the Jasmine Protest on 20 of February 2011.

China: Petitioner burns down his black prison

  18 February 2011

Veteran citizen journalist Zhang 'Tiger Temple' Shihe tells the story of Hubei petitioner Yan Sen, whose provincial government paid to keep him locked away in an extralegal 'black prison', up until Yan made his dramatic escape.

South Korea: Dead livestock draws a flocks of vultures

  18 February 2011

South Korea's citizen media, Wiki Tree posted Twitter @Photomaker79's image of a flocks of vultures circling over a burial ground in Kyunggi Province, where dead livestock have been dumped. To slow down the country's worst foot-and-mouth disease outbreak, the government culled near a quarter of its herd and buried them...

China: Worst Drought in 60 Years

  18 February 2011

Major agricultural regions in China are facing their worst drought in 60 years. According to government statistics, 2.57 million people and 2.79 million livestock have been hit by the drought. The immediate impact has been rising food prices, indeed its implication on food security has prompted the United Nations' food agency to issue a warning to the world's grain markets.

Thailand: Webmaster Under Trial

  17 February 2011

An editor of an independent media website in Thailand is facing trial for 'violating' the country's Computer Crimes Act. The case is closely monitored by netizens, journalists and human rights advocates who are worried about the state of Internet freedom in Thailand

North and South Korea Mark Kim Jong-il's 69th Birthday

  16 February 2011

Whilst North Korea celebrates its leader, Kim Jong-il's 69th birthday today, South Korean human rights activists sent a rather unconventional birthday gift to Kim: gigantic balloons carrying leaflets lambasting the regime. South Koreans net users took the opportunity to speculate how to ignite social changes in North Korea.

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