· March, 2011

Stories about Myanmar (Burma) from March, 2011

Myanmar: Post-Earthquake Stories from Aid Workers

  26 March 2011

Myanmar is still reeling from a 6.8 earthquake which hit the country two days ago. Our Myanmar-based author translates interviews and stories of residents and aid workers who witnessed the extent of the quake damage in northeast Myanmar

Myanmar: Photos of Earthquake Disaster

  25 March 2011

A 6.8 earthquake hit northeast Myanmar on the evening of Thursday 24 March, 2011, which was felt in nearby Thailand and as far away as Vietnam and China. The quake killed at least 70 people and destroyed more than 240 buildings in Myanmar alone but casualties could be higher. In Tachilek town, coffins were sold out hours after the quake.

Myanmar: VoIP services banned

  24 March 2011

shwedarling uploads a letter from the Myanmar government banning VoIP services in the country like Gtalk, Vzo, Skype and Pfingo.

Myanmar: Strike at shoe factory

  13 March 2011

The Democratic Voice of Burma has a report on the strike staged by 1,500 workers of a shoe factory in Myanmar. Workers reportedly earn only $US0.70 for a 12-hour day.

Myanmar: Building of dams to defeat rebels

  13 March 2011

The Shan Herald quotes from green groups which describe the plan of the Myanmar government to build seven dams in the country as part of the junta strategy to defeat rebel groups fighting for independence.

Myanmar: Issues discussed by parliament

  13 March 2011

State media New Light of Myanmar has published the transcript of the first regular session of Myanmar's parliament. According to the report, Myanmar has five newspapers, 170 journals, and 182 magazines which are being published daily, weekly and monthly with over 300,000 copies of newspapers in circulation everyday

Myanmar: The Irrawaddy website hacked

  13 March 2011

Independent Myanmar media website The Irrawaddy was hacked this weeked. A notice on its frontpage: “The website was hacked this morning and a number of fake articles were posted on our English-language homepage.”