· June, 2010

Stories about Myanmar (Burma) from June, 2010

Myanmar: Singapore to Yangon flight

  27 June 2010

Htoo Tay Zar uploads a video of his flight from Singapore to Yangon in Myanmar. The video provides brief snapshots of rural Myanmar and the Yangon airport

Myanmar: Soldiers steal buffaloes for TV

  27 June 2010

The Shan Herald reported that Myanmar soldiers near the Thailand-Myanmar border stole buffaloes in order to acquire a TV and satellite broadcast of the World Cup games.

World: Protecting Human Rights on Citizen Video

  21 June 2010

Making a video to protect human rights might backfire and end up threatening the rights of those who appear or participate in the video. WITNESS' The Hub shares with us how we can make a human rights video that gets the message across while minimizing the risk to those involved.

Myanmar: Birthday Wish for Aung San Su Kyi

  19 June 2010

Breathe.Dream.Write wishes a happy birthday to Aung San Su Kyi, who will be celebrating her 65th birthday under house arrest on June 19. The birthday celebrant is Myanmar's major opposition leader.

Myanmar: New political parties

  3 June 2010

According to the website of the Myanmar government, 28 of 32 parties that submitted applications for registration as political parties have been granted permission to register as political parties.