· February, 2009

Stories about Myanmar (Burma) from February, 2009

Myanmar: Three-year cyclone relief plan

  11 February 2009

According to The Irrawaddy, the Tripartite Core Group of Burma has a 3-year recovery and preparedness plan and will seek US $691 million to continue the Cyclone Nargis relief effort. Nargis hit Myanmar last May 2008 which killed and displaced hundreds of thousands in the country.

Thai gov't upset over Angelina Jolie comment on refugees

  11 February 2009

UN Goodwill Ambassador and American actress Angelina Jolie visited a refugee camp in Thailand. Her visit and comments about the state of refugees from Myanmar were criticized by Thailand’s government. What are the views of bloggers in Thailand?

Myanmar: Local beer products

  3 February 2009

Today in Myanmar writes that “Before 1988, beer is a rare commodity in Myanmar.” With the opening of the economy, locally-produced beer brands are now sold in hundreds of beer stations.

Myanmar thrones

  3 February 2009

Today in Myanmar provides an historical account of various thrones used by Myanmar kings in the past