· November, 2008

Stories about Myanmar (Burma) from November, 2008

Searching for blogs in Myanmar

  26 November 2008

There are several sites that provide a list of blogs in Myanmar. Myanmar Blog Directory contains an alphabetical listing of blogs. Sharbar offers a list of blogs according to category.

Myanmar: Social networking site

  26 November 2008

Myanmar Space is a new social networking site for Myanmar speaking people all over the world. There is a chat room, photo and video upload, forum, polls. There is also a blog section where members can post articles.

Egypt Ranks High in Corruption

  18 November 2008

Egypt ranks 115 in Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index, which tracks 180 countries by their perceived levels of corruption, as determined by expert assessments and opinion surveys. The rankings are in ascending order, with the more corrupt countries scoring higher ranks.

Myanmar: Long prison terms for dissidents

  17 November 2008

Myanmar’s Junta continues to shock the world. This week, dissidents who joined street protests were sentenced to 65 years. A blogger and young entrepreneur was sentenced to 20 years for keeping defaced images of national leaders in his email inbox. A journalist faces a two-year prison term for writing about the deadly cyclone which hit Myanmar last May.

Myanmar: Bloggers sentenced by Court

  11 November 2008

The Irrawaddy reports that two dissident bloggers from Myanmar were sentenced by the court to serve time in jail for maligning the Junta. One of the bloggers is Nay Phone Latt, who was a major source of information during the brutal regime crackdown last year.

Refugees in East Myanmar

  9 November 2008

Rule of Lords reports that “Over half-a-million people in eastern Burma are living in temporary dwellings, forced out of their villages as a result of fighting, insecurity and the whims of local army commanders.”

Myanmar: Persecution continues

  9 November 2008

Disappointed over the failure of UN officials to promote reforms in Myanmar, Ashin Metacarra writes: “I wonder why most of the world seems content to be merely on-lookers for the Burmese people who are being persecuted.”

Bangladesh: Myanmar troop build up

  9 November 2008

Ghore Baire wonders whether the recent tensions between Myanmar and Bangladesh over maritime boundary dispute and the troop build up by Myanmar near Bangladesh border could delay the impending election in Bangladesh.