· July, 2008

Stories about Myanmar (Burma) from July, 2008

Myanmar: Teen Problems in London

  20 July 2008

London based Burmese bloggers show concern over the increase in teenage crimes. Steve E. questions “Why is the incidence of knife crime growing up rapidly these days?” and wonders a way to reduce such crimes while CMS witnesses yet another teenage gang fight.

Myanmar: Naming System

  20 July 2008

“I realized that the Burmese custom of naming is fairly unique. It symbolizes the combination of the particular virtue for a person and astrological calculation of the day of the week that the person was born based on Burmese lunar calendar year.”, Bakaung blogs and explains more in detail.

Myanmar: Alter charges against blogger Nay Phone Latt

  9 July 2008

Mizzima news reported that the charges to blogger Nay Phone Latt was altered and a new charge has been applied. “Under section 32(b) of the Video Act, he is facing a maximum of six months in prison but now faces a maximum of seven years in jail under the new...

Myanmar: Salt Prices

  9 July 2008

New Mandala states that “25,430 acres of salt pans were submerged and 29,545 tons of salt damaged after the Cyclone Nargis. The price of salt has risen by three to six times in the last two months.”

Myanmar also needs tourists

  7 July 2008

Bangkok Dazed is visiting Myanmar and reminds us that one way to help the cyclone-ravaged country is to visit it. He writes: I lost track of how many people who told me “You are the first tourist/customer we have had in two months.”