· June, 2008

Stories about Myanmar (Burma) from June, 2008

Myanmar: Kyan Hmaw village

  16 June 2008

Before Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar last month, the village of Kyan Hmaw was inhabited by 1,316 people. Now, according to Ashin Mettacara, only 332 people are living in the community.

Myanmar: Junta condemns “invented stories”

  6 June 2008

Myanmar's state-controlled newspaper features a report castigating “self-seekers and unscrupulous elements” who sell video tapes featuring “invented stories” to foreign news agencies about the cyclone disaster.

Madagascar's bloggers ambivalent about Sichuan earthquake aid

  4 June 2008

The Malagasy government volunteered to help the international aid effort for the earthquake victims in the province of Sichuan, China. The immense proportions of the humanitarian disaster prompted the government to donate $100,000 USD to the Chinese ambassador Wo Ruidi in Madagascar for the rescue relief effort (fr) The Malagasy...

Southeast Asia: Series of unfortunate disasters

  3 June 2008

In the past month, natural disasters hit the Southeast Asian region claiming hundreds of thousands of lives and destroying billions of properties. Bloggers discuss the destructive cyclone in Myanmar, the China earthquake which was felt in Hanoi and Bangkok, two earthquakes in the Sumatra island and the strong typhoon in north Philippines.