· April, 2008

Stories about Myanmar (Burma) from April, 2008

Myanmar: Love and Support for Hillary Clinton

  25 April 2008

Justin supports and loves Mrs. Hillary Clinton's speech on Dr. M. L. King Jr., “I just love this speech. Against all odds, I strongly believe in Mrs. Clinton and that she's the right person to go to the White House and bring about real positive changes in the United States.”....

Myanmar: Burma Democratic Diagram

  18 April 2008

Myanmar Genocide blog publishes the “Burma Democratic Diagram“, a brain storming diagram for political calculations for Burma. “This diagram is not the opinion of one person. This is an accumulated result of opinions of many people interviewed.”

Myanmar: Vote NO to Junta's Referendum

  15 April 2008

Freedom From Fear notifies that the Embassy of Myanmar in Singapore is accepting ballots from 25th to 29th and Moethee Zun urges to vote “NO” to the junta's one-sided referendum.

Southeast Asia: Rising price of rice

  12 April 2008

Rice is the staple food in Southeast Asia and in many parts of the world. Many people in Southeast Asia are worried over reports that rice is getting more expensive and supplies are dwindling. Bloggers discuss the impact of the rice crisis in the region.

Burma: “UN is a failure”

  7 April 2008

Buddha Warrior uploads a statement of the All Burma Monks’ Alliance and the 88 Generation Students which condemns the failure of the UN Security Council to take an effective action against the military junta in Burma

Burma: Road pictures

  7 April 2008

New Mandala uploads pictures of roads in the eastern Shan State located in the borders of Burma, Thailand and China.