· October, 2007

Stories about Myanmar (Burma) from October, 2007

Burma: Internet and the Monks

  29 October 2007

Sacred Media Cow on how the Junta controlling the internet may have actually helped the Burmese monks. “The little fragments of information that did manage to get through got elevated to a level of ennunciative power that would not have existed had the internet not been shut down.”

Taiwan and Burma: Burmese Chinese in Taiwan

  23 October 2007

Coolloud has an interview with a Burmese Chinese, Yeung Yong Zhou. In the past, his family considered Taiwan as their mother country; however, when he started his study in Taiwan, he felt bitter about the debate on the definition of “Taiwanese”. Now that he has got the right of abode...

Special Coverage: Burmese protests 2007

  15 October 2007

Recent protests in Myanmar simply would not have been as big a story if there weren't brave people on the inside (and outside) willing to risk everything to spread news, photos and videos via the internet. Read all about it on Global Voices' Special Coverage page.

Myanmar: Activist's Death

  12 October 2007

As the news of death of a democracy activist (allegedly after torture under detention) came out bloggers are wondering what happening to ones who are still under detention.

Myanmar: A Journalist's Debrief

  12 October 2007

Karen Coates blogs about an event at the Foreign Correspondents club in Thailand where a photojournalist presented pictures of recent events in Myanmar.

Myanmar: Discrediting The Monks

  10 October 2007

New Mandala points to an article in a State controlled newspaper in Myanmar that tries to discredit the monks. The monks were in the forefront of the protests that took place in Myanmar.

Myanmar: Treat Us Like The Rest

  8 October 2007

Anti-Sanctions blogger Freedom From Fear wants the world to treat Myanmar the same as rest of the non-democratic nations. “IF YOU BOYCOTT BURMA , YOU DO THE SAME FOR CHINA AND VIETNAM, THAILAND AND ALL THE COUNTRIES WHICH DO NOT HAVE DEMOCRACY.DO NOT DISCRIMINATE BURMA.”

China: Today's Myanmar, yesterday's China?

  8 October 2007

In John's round-up of Chinese bloggers’ responses to the Saffron Revolution, he mentioned that some Chinese bloggers used "this incident as an opportunity to reflect on the state of China's own democratic movement." Some of them even link the Saffron Revolution to the political disturbance of Beijing in the 1989's...

Myanmar: Thinking Ahead

  7 October 2007

Bangkok Dazed wants the opposition to talk to the ruling Junta while there still a small window of opportunity.

Thailand: Open Letter To in Support of Myanmar Protesters

  7 October 2007

Prachatai publishes an open letter framed by the attendees of a development studies conference in Thailand. The letter appeals to the governments of China, Japan, India and Thailand to “to stand up to their responsibilities and overcome short term economic interests” and bring pressure to the government in Myanmar.

Burma, India: Midnight Raid

  5 October 2007

An update from Burma on the current situation. “raided many monasteries, they visited house to house around mid-night and picked up whom they suspected as the protest leaders in Rangoon” at Sacred Media Cow.