· May, 2007

Stories about Myanmar (Burma) from May, 2007

Cambodia: Myanmar and Cambodia

  28 May 2007

The latest cartoon by Cambodian blogger/cartoonist Sacrava mocks the recent contacts between Cambodia's strong man Hun Sen and Myanmar's generals. Myanmar recently extended pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi's detention for one more year.

Singapore's Myanmarese Go Online for Double Taxation Petition

  26 May 2007

Myanmar residents abroad have to pay an additional tax to the Myanmar government in addition to the tax they pay in their host countries. Failure to pay this this tax results in Myanmar embassy denying them consular services. Myanmarese residents in Singapore are using their blogs and other online means to get support for a petition to avoid this double taxation.

Myanmar: Militia Given Free Reign

  21 May 2007

Fifty Viss writes about a vigilante group that took the law in its own hand by arresting civilian supports of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

Myanmar: Government banned the sale of Remote Control toys

  17 May 2007

Moe Moe wonders why her cousin asked her to send him a remote control car for his birthday because of the Government decision on banning such toys. “Strange thing to ban toys, really, to stop terrorists from bombing more things in the country. I mean, everyone knows the government itself...

Myanmar: Financial Difficulties for Studying Medicine

  17 May 2007

Blogger Phoe Htaung is organizing the financial support for Mg Aung Myin who came from a poor family and having a financial difficulties studying Medical Science. He is currently a third year Medical student and needs about ~ US$ 50 per month for another 2.5 years to finish his study....

Myanmar: Preparing Mont Lone Yay Paw

  14 May 2007

Yangon Thu shares her recipe for Mont Lone Yay Paw or Burmese Glutinous Rice Balls with palm sugar. The blogger posts a picture of the dessert to motivate to readers into preparing it.

Myanmar: Military trainings for locals

  9 May 2007

BurmaNet reported about locals being ordered for military trainings in Ayataw Township.”The authorities of Ayataw Township, Monywa district in central Burma’s Sagaing Division, ordered local people to supply one person from each village for military trainings.” People are puzzled and suspicious about this military action.

Myanmar: Photos and Links Roundup

  8 May 2007

This week I came across a few good photos from Myanmar Bloggers so I compiled them as photo and link round up post. This image is from fifty viss blog where blogger Aung Kyaw posted his collection of billboards and poster messages seen around the country. Poster around Myanmar Image...

Myanmar: Road to Bangladesh

  2 May 2007

New Mandala has a post on the new Friendship Road that is being built to connect Myanmar and Bangladesh. Road links between Myanmar and its western neighbors (India and Bangladesh) are not as developed as the ones in the East (Thailand and China). The blogger at New Mandala asks “Major...

Myanmar: Kason Festival – Buddha Day

  2 May 2007

Yesterday, 1st of May - well known for International Labor day, also happens to be one very significant day for Myanmar Buddhist people. This month in Myanmar calendar is called "Kason"and Burmese celebrate one of the most religious and historically significant events on Kason full moon day. It is also known as Vesak Day or Buddha Day. Several Myanmar bloggers described how they celebrated this special day.