· April, 2007

Stories about Myanmar (Burma) from April, 2007

Weekly Roundup of Myanmar Blogs

  30 April 2007

Last week in Myanmar Blogosphere, the bloggers were into a new meme game introduced by Moe Moe. The bloggers had to write 10 Weird Things about themselves. The tag game happens to be quite a new concept for some bloggers and was played with much fun and enthusiasm. Almost all the bloggers participated in the game.

Myanmar: Respect for Sex Workers

  27 April 2007

Moe Moe urges men to respect sex workers and practice safe sex. “Least men who want to sleep with them can do, is to treat these sex workers with respect and try to have safe sex. Why should they be treated badly just because they are providing you with a...

Myanmar: New Web Portal

  24 April 2007

Myatthura introduces a new web portal from Myanmar. “Still in beta stage, the web portal has some important features such as Myanmar news, International News, Forum, Books, entertainment, etc.”

Myanmar: Letter of Support for Suu Kyi

  23 April 2007

Writer and Analyst Kyi May Kaung writes a letter to Irrawaddy Magazine to show her love and support for Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. “I hope you will publish this letter, so that people inside Burma and hopefully even Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, will know that she still has...

Myanmar: Helping Hand Blogs

  23 April 2007

DrCMPeople of Myanmar are well known for their gentle nature, kind heart, sincerity, generosity and a great helping hand. In Myanmar, various type of non profitable groups and non governmental organizations are formed to help out physical, educational and well being of the country men especially youth and children. These days, many such organizations are starting to use blogs to announce and publish their organizations’ activities. Among them:

Myanmar: New Photo Blogs

  23 April 2007

Blogger MgHla introduces 5 new bloggers where three are outstanding photo blogs (Uhteik, Stevenalexand, MgBaOo) with sceneries from Myanmar.

Myanmar: Famous Witchcraft Region “Yaw”

  23 April 2007

Myat Thu Ya writes about his visit to Yaw region – famous for witchcraft, and finds out it was just a myth. “Many Burmese believe that people in Yaw region are masters of witchcraft very well, and they are afraid of the Yaw people. However, I believe these are all...

This week on Myanmar Blogosphere: Myanmar Thingyan 2007

  14 April 2007

April has always been the most exciting month for Burmese as it is the month to celebrate Thingyan - water festival. It is also a New Year in Myanmar calendar. Burmese around the world celebrate Thingyan with various type of seasonal food, music and lots of water. Over at Myanmar blogosphere, the bloggers are also celebrating Thingyan in their own style.

Myanmar: Blood Diamonds and Myanmar

  3 April 2007

The movie Blood Diamond reminds blogger Man Actually of his younger mining days in Myanmar. “And being once a miner myself deep in the jungle far north Myanmar's very own Jade Mines, you guess! how this movie would be so special to me..Along with the Archer and Solomon, the whole...