· January, 2007

Stories about Myanmar (Burma) from January, 2007

Myanmar: Inle Lake

  31 January 2007

Bangkok Dazed takes us to Inle Lake, one of Myanmar's popular tourist destination. Inle Lake is a large fresh water lake in Shan state.

Myanmar: The Joys of Rangoon

  22 January 2007

Don Gilliland visits the Myanmarese capital city Yangoon (or Rangoon as it was formarly known) and gives us a glimpse into some of the fun things to do in Rangoon.

Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi Accused of Tax Evasion

  18 January 2007

The Burmese authorities have accuses pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi of tax evasion. The Yangoon Thublog is amused at this accusation on the leader who is currently under house arrest. The blogger conjures up a scenario on how the authorities came up with this seemingly absurd accusation.

Myanmar:China and Russia Veto UN Resolution on Myanmar

  13 January 2007

Fifty Viss is disappointed at Russia and China vetoing a US backed draft resolution calling for a stop to human rights abuses in Myanmar. “Obviously, both Russia and China have military and economic interests in Burma. China in particular is fond of having an undemocratic regime it shares borders with...

Myanmar: Monarchy and the New Capital City

  6 January 2007

In a single post, Burmese blogger Aung Kyaw looks at the idea of re-introducing monarchy in Myanamar, the meaning of the name of the new capital city Naypyidaw (the military government moved the capital city from Rangoon to this city in a sudden and unexpected move last year) and uses...

Myanmar: Destruction of Colonial Buildings

  5 January 2007

Aung Htin Kyaw has an interesting post that traces his family's history in Myanmar. The blogger laments the loss of old architechture as the country starts to modernize by rebuilding over old colonial buildings.

Myanmar: Prisoners Freed

  4 January 2007

The swanker comments on the news that Myanmar government released over 3000 prisoners (but not Aung San Suu Kyi) to mark the country's 59 independance day. “Why are a bunch of tough military men, with an army behind them, scared of a frail, little old lady?”