· October, 2006

Stories about Myanmar (Burma) from October, 2006

Myanmar: Floods and Life

  21 October 2006

Myanmar blogger Moe Moe links to photos of the recent flooding in Myanmar on another Myanmar blog. The pictures reminds her of her younger days in Myanmar. “I really liked the picture of the kids having fun in the flood. LOL. It's kind of like, these kids finding reasons to...

Video exposes child-soldier's identity

  20 October 2006

If you've seen the guidelines for this site, you'll know that there are types of footage that we wouldn't post, and circumstances surrounding the shooting of particular videos that mean we wouldn't even link to them. Today's post is about one of those videos. I was researching a possible post...

Myanmar: Floods in Myanmar

  11 October 2006

Myouez at Blog of Nyein Chan Yar is reporting that he is hearing news of heavy rains and flooding from the people living in upcounty Myanmar. The state controlled media is silent. “The region around Mandalay is flooded due to heavy rain these days. After very heavy rain on the...

Haze in South East Asia

  8 October 2006

Singapore, parts of Malaysia and Indonesia are hit by haze arising from illegal bush fires in Indonesia. These fires are started by farmers during the dry season to clear land for agriculture. The haze is more severe this year with Singapore already issuing a health warning. Hazy afternoon in Singapore...

Myanmar: Historical Text from Myanmar

  4 October 2006

The blogger at Myat Thura links to sites that are hosting materials on Burmese history. One of the link points to a translation of a classic work on Burmese history called the Burmese Chronicle.