· April, 2006

Stories about Myanmar (Burma) from April, 2006

Myanmar's natural gas

  20 April 2006

Both China and India are keen on importing natural gas from Myanmar's huge reserves. In the past India has sympathised with Myanmar's pro-democracy elements but recent years have seen India warming up to the ruling military government. Paresh asks if India should do a deal with Myanmar's rulers and face...

The shaman of Myanmar

  14 April 2006

Ian, a tourist in Yangoon, meets the famous shaman U Shein of Myanmar. U Shein is known for his magic goldash powder. The shaman's followers allege that this powder can cure cancers and other serious ailments.

Happy water festival – mind the elephant gun

  14 April 2006

This week four countries in South East Asia celebrated their traditional new year. In Thailand the festival is known as Songkran. Usanee tells us why the people in Thailand look forward to this festival. I am so happy to have 5 days off. It is the longest holiday I would...

Happy year 2549

  13 April 2006

Today is the first day of the year 2549 in some South East Asian countries. Lao ocean girl describes the calendar system used in these countries.

English for Journalism contraversy

  10 April 2006

Bhojman points to an article which talks about a Myanmar(Burmese) state owned newspaper accusing the American Centre in Yangoon of harming “young Myanmar brains”. The U.S.-Embassy-run centre offers language courses. It is the “English for Journalism” course that is causing the trouble – probably by encouraging the journalists to think...

Myanmar's water festival

  10 April 2006

This week is the Thingyan or Water Festival in Myanmar. Thingyan is the new year according to the Burmese traditional lunar calendar. Sean, a Myanmar citizen living in Singapore, reminisces of home and takes us to Myanmar to shows us how they celebrate this festival over there.

Bold Flavors of the World

  2 April 2006

#1: From Cambodia, Phnomenon To understand Cambodian cooking, we have to look back to explore the historical events that took place there and the cultures that influenced the building of today's gastronomical bounty. In the 6th century, Cambodia was a kingdom with an Indian-inspired culture, situated on the delta and...