· September, 2005

Stories about Myanmar (Burma) from September, 2005

Burma/Myanmar: The name game

29 September 2005

Just a little conversation…about romanization. Burma Underground throws its hat into the ring on the Burma/Myanmar naming debate.

Myanmar: Burma Underground

27 September 2005

The Thailand-based Burma Underground blog has been set up to support civil organizations in Burma (Myanmar), especially ethnic minority groups.

Myanmar: Young rocker

  22 September 2005

Bangkok-based Myanmar blogger Wai Pyo picks up a feature from a state-run newspaper about 11-year-old rocker Aung Thiha.

Burma: The coasts of Titan

20 September 2005

Myanmar blogger Kyaw Oo is taken with newly beamed images of Titan, one of the moons of Jupiter, complete with coastlines, rain and river systems, and seas of liquid methane.

Indonesia: Tsunami slideshow

  15 September 2005

Tony Demark has built a del.icio.us-tagged slideshow which allows you to toggle between Before and After shots of the tsunami as it hit Banda Aceh and Sri Lanka's Kalutara Beach. The Digital Globe images aren't new, but this shocking presentation makes sure we don't forget, and links to donation sites...

Myanmar: Coca-Cola pressured

  6 September 2005

The Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) union has been pressing Coca-Cola Canada to stop sourcing Coke-branded garments produced under military dictatorship in Myanmar (Burma). Coca-Cola Ltd is accommodating the union's wish.