· June, 2010

Stories about Japan from June, 2010

Japan: Reflection upon the Okinawa issue

  7 June 2010

Kechak considers [ja] both the negative and the positive aspects of the Okinawa question. While, on one hand, former prime minister Hatoyama wasn't able to modify the agreement with the US, on the other hand, he managed to bring attention to the military base issue, that had been ignored for...

Japan: The PM has resigned, long live the PM!

  6 June 2010

Japan is set to have yet another new prime minister, the fifth in as many years. With the resignation of former-PM Yukio Hatoyama and Naoto Kan named his replacement, the talk is again about "change", but has there been too much of it? Bloggers discuss recent changes in the Japanese political landscape.

Taiwan: An open letter to Japanese architect Tadao Ando

  5 June 2010

Architect and blogger Sun De-hong(孫德鴻), in his open letter, asks Tadao Ando, the famous Japanese architect “What is social responsibility?“(zht). Sun questions Tadao Ando–who always talks about “architects’ social responsibility” in speeches–whether it is socially responsible to build his new “Church of Earth” on the precious and diminishing farmland in...

Japan: And yet another prime minister

  4 June 2010

Ybunya reports [ja] on the election of Naoto Kan as the new prime minister of Japan [en]. According to the blogger, the main reason why the former prime minister had to step down [en], on Wednesday, was the incapacity to resolve the Futenma issue [en].

Japan: Artistic flipnotes

  3 June 2010

Meet Oliver (id:olivercd) [en], a Spanish designer and one of the “Flipnote creators” featured at Hatena Featured Artist, a special section of one of the most popular Japanese blog platforms. See here to enjoy the flipnotes of other artists.

Japan: Tech-savvy fishermen get their business online

  3 June 2010

Asiajin reports [en] that a fishermen cooperative [ja] “launched a fish and seafood e-commerce site that sells what have been caught in Tokyo Bay in the morning of the day.” Some of the fishermen also live-tweet [in Japanese] from their ships every day @ Yoshieimaru (佳栄丸) and @ Kageyamamaru (蔭山丸).

Japan: More Visitors to Twitter than Mixi

  1 June 2010

On the news [ja] that the number of visitors to Twitter in Japan for April have surpassed visitors to Mixi, the largest Japanese SNS, Toru Saito [ja] and Netaful [ja] ask, “Has Twitter crossed the chasm?”