· January, 2010

Stories about Japan from January, 2010

Japan: PM Hatoyama Starts Using Twitter

  9 January 2010

Have something you want Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama to know? You could try tweeting about it to @hatoyamayukio! All links in this post link to Japanese content unless otherwise noted. The Prime Minister started using Twitter during the new year holidays as a means to “bring politics to the...

Japan: National Film Industry and Avatar

  9 January 2010

The denmipapa blog is publishing a series of posts explaining the business side of the Japanese film industry. The fifth installment explores why the industry is not set up to release an ultra expensive 3D movie like Avatar. [JA]

Australia: Whaling War of Words

  8 January 2010

The whale hunt seems to be the forgotten war in the public relations hype that surrounds the collision of the Sea Shepherd’s Ady Gil with a Japanese whaler in the Southern Ocean. GV author Kevin Rennie gathers blog reactions from Australia

Japan: Witnessing a Tibetan sky burial

  8 January 2010

Blogger Huixing assisted to witnessed a Tibetan sky burial [en] in Litang. At his blog [ja] a sequence of pictures document the traditional funerary practice wherein a human corpse is exposed to birds of prey.