· June, 2009

Stories about Japan from June, 2009

Japan: Female Internet user

  5 June 2009

Fumi Yamazaki from What's happening in Japan right now? blogs a research finding on websites that have higher percentage of female users with 20-34 years of age. The result is “communication sites”, “online shopping sites” and “gourmet sites”.

Japan: JActionScripters

  3 June 2009

Flash developer extraodonaire Takayuki Fukatsu has set up JActionScripters, a group blog that covers the Japanese Flash scene in English. “More than 20 Japanese flash coders share the blog/ You will be junkie for this crazy Japanese Flash news”

Japan: Akira Kurosawa Digital Archive

Johnny at Spoon & Tamago excitedly introduces a digital archive of film director Akira Kurosasawa from Ryukoku University: “Consisting of over 20,000 photographs, manuscripts, notes and other artifacts, this is easily the most extensive database of memorabilia related to the director and his work, as well as a fascinating look...

Global Lullabies: The Arrorró Project

  1 June 2009

Artist Gabriela Golder from Argentina has taken it upon herself to discover, record and collect lullabies from all over the world, and to find connections among them in the Arrorró project. Rising Voices director David Sasaki wrote about the project on the 80+1 website, where he interviewed Gabriela on camera, and got authors and editors for Global Voices involved by inspiring many to record themselves singing the lullabies they remembered from their childhood.