· May, 2013

Stories about Indonesia from May, 2013

Indonesia: Gamelan DJ Musical App

  27 May 2013

Developed by Yogyakarta-based Kowplink Studio, the Gamelan DJ mobile application “mix and mash tight beats, harmonies and melodies of saron.” In addition, “by touching beats pad mix with acapella & making lead with saron gamelan.” The app is listed one of the best start-ups in Indonesia. Gamelan is Indonesian musical...

Indonesia: Petition to Save the Forest of Aceh

  19 May 2013

Rudi Putra initiated an online petition asking the Indonesian government to block the expansion of mining and palm oil activities in Aceh and to protect the country's remaining rainforest. More than one million people around the world have already signed the petition: I live and work in the last place...

Documenting West Papua’s Political Prisoners

  6 May 2013

West Papuan civil society groups have launched the website Papuans Behind Bars to document the cases of political prisoners in West Papua. West Papua is part of Indonesia although many Papuans have been fighting for independence in the past 50 years.