· April, 2012

Stories about Indonesia from April, 2012

Indonesia: Popular Minister Starts His Twitter Account

  17 April 2012

Dahlan Iskan, the popular State Enterprises Minister of Indonesia, has caused another hype in the virtual world after starting his Twitter account. In the past week, some netizens were able to express their concerns directly to the Minister through Twitter.

Fuel Price Protests in Several Indonesian Cities

  14 April 2012

Several Indonesian cities were rocked by protests and riots against petrol price hikes in the past few weeks. Netizens debated if the price increase is appropriate. Twitter users have maximized the microblogging site to report clashes between the police and students in Jakarta.

Hashtags to Monitor Indonesia quake

  12 April 2012

An earthquake with a magnitude of 8.5 hit Indonesia on April 11. The tremors were also felt in Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar. A tsunami alert was issued in several countries but it has been lifted already. Netizens use the hashtag #thaiquake, #prayforsumatera, and #prayformalaysia to monitor the quake impact.

Indonesia: Promoting Sexual Rights

  10 April 2012

Irin tackles the difficulty of promoting gender and women rights in Indonesia. In particular, sexual violence victims are unable to seek redress because of ‘archaic’ laws and traditions in the country