· June, 2011

Stories about Indonesia from June, 2011

Indonesia's 24 world records

  27 June 2011

Truly Indonesia lists 24 world records held by Indonesia. For example, it has 3 of the 6 largest island in the world and it is currently the largest Muslim country in the world

Indonesia: Prostitution in a cemetery

  20 June 2011

EngageMedia uploads a video by Ucu Agustin who features the lives of women workers living near Mount Bolo in East Java, Indonesia. Many of them are also working as sex workers in the evening.

Two earthquakes hit Sumatra

  14 June 2011

Two earthquakes hit Sumatra Island in Malaysia Tuesday morning. Tremors were also felt in Indonesia. Use the hashtags #earthquake, #tremors, and #sumatra to monitor news reports.

Indonesia: Transparency in the education budget

  6 June 2011

Indonesian blogger nrg07 suggests that transparency in the education budget is more urgent than demanding compliance to the constitutional requirement of allotting 20 percent of the national budget to the education sector.

Indonesia: English speeches are illegal

  6 June 2011

nrg07 mentions an Indonesian law which requires top government officials to use the Bahasa Indonesia language when making speeches. Recently, a constitutional expert said that the Prime Minister's English speeches should be considered illegal.