· September, 2009

Stories about Indonesia from September, 2009

Aceh, Indonesia: Adulterers will be stoned to death

  17 September 2009

Bad news for adulterers and homosexuals in Aceh, Indonesia: The Regional House of Representatives has passed a law that imposes a punishment of stoning to death against married adulterers and 100 lashes with a cane and a fine of 100 grams of pure gold against homosexuals.

Indonesia: Controversial new film law

  14 September 2009

Indonesia's Parliament has recently approved a new film law which drew strong reactions from the local movie industry. It is feared that the law would legitimize the government's tighter control over creativity and self expression in the industry.

Indonesia: A generous president?

  7 September 2009

Martin insists that the Indonesian president has claimed that he donated 58.8 percent of his total personal wealth for the victims of the 7.0 strong earthquake that rocked Java last week.

ASEAN Basketball League

  7 September 2009

The ASEAN Basketball League was recently launched in Manila, Philippines. Basketball is a popular sports in the Southeast Asian region.