· June, 2009

Stories about Indonesia from June, 2009

Indonesia: Vice President Debate

  30 June 2009

Indonesia conducted a debate among vice president hopefuls. My Busy Brain thinks the candidates were all colorul. Listen to the audio podcast of the debate.

Indonesia: Disappointing Election Debate

  23 June 2009

Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim populated country, conducted its first ever presidential election debate. The country's three presidential hopefuls attended the debate. But many viewers and bloggers were disappointed with the debate.

Indonesia: Wayang Kulit

  12 June 2009

The traditional wayang kulit is a famous shadow puppet play in Indonesia. lekhikaa blogs about a project to make the wayang accessible to foreigners.

Indonesia: Deteriorating Primary Defense Weapon System

  11 June 2009

Another Indonesian military helicopter crashed on Monday in Cianjur, West Java, raising concerns among Indonesians regarding the country's deteriorating Primary Defense Weapon System. This issue is fast becoming a favorite agenda among presidential candidates. Election will be held next month.

Malaysia-Indonesia border dispute

  5 June 2009

Tension rose when Indonesia accused Malaysia of sending naval battleships in Ambalat, a maritime area which both Indonesia and Malaysia claim as their territory.

Translator of the week: Carolina Chandra Rumuat

Carolina Chandra Rumuat is spinning a new planet in the Global Voices/Lingua galaxy of languages: Global Voices in Bahasa Indonesia. Say what? In Bahasa Indonesia, the official language of no less than 237 million Indonesians. In truly globalized fashion, Carolina from Indonesia translates and nurtures the brand new Lingua website all the way from… Morocco!

Indonesia: Governor uses Facebook

  1 June 2009

Rudy Ariffin, the Governor of South Kalimantan in Indonesia, has been using Facebook for the last five months. He spends between 30 to 60 minutes in the evening to communicate with his constituents.

Indonesia: Presidential and VP candidates

  1 June 2009

Indonesia's election commission has announced the names of candidates for President/Vice President who will be running for the election on 8 July 2009. All candidates have gone through general medical check-up and wealth review.