· April, 2009

Stories about Indonesia from April, 2009

Global Recession: “Underdevelopment is a mixed blessing”

  17 April 2009

There are governments which insist that their countries are not affected by the global economic crisis. Most of the time they are not convincing; and their constituents do not believe in the supposed improvement of the economy. Countries with very small economies and countries which are not globally-integrated are usually the same countries which claim that the financial crisis has not affected them so far.

Indonesia: The next Vice president

  10 April 2009

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's Democrat Party is poised to dominate the polls. akhyari mentions the possible nominees for the Vice President position.

Indonesia election: Funny stories

  10 April 2009

Plis Deh Jakarta! gathers funny stories during the April 9 Indonesia Election Day. For example: an election booth head was not registered to vote, proliferation of ghost voters, and the lowest turnout of voters was in the housing complex of the Parliament.

Indonesia: Lessons from the dam tragedy

  8 April 2009

Love Ely shares some thoughts on why the Situ Gintung dam collapsed in Indonesia. He also proposes that those who live in disaster-prone areas should prepare for an emergency response system.