· February, 2009

Stories about Indonesia from February, 2009

Indonesia: Tsunami museum

  25 February 2009

A Tsunami Museum opened in Aceh, Indonesia last Monday to commemorate the 230,000 people who died in the 2004 Asian tsunami. But some have criticized the project since they want the government to prioritize the homeless tsunami refugees.

Clinton visits Indonesia

  20 February 2009

Aside from meeting the leaders of Indonesia, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton found the time to visit a slum community in Jakarta. She also appeared in a teen-oriented TV show. What are the reactions of bloggers?

Indonesia: Divorce and polygamy

  14 February 2009

I feel guilty writing about divorce and polygamy on Valentine’s Day. But these two unmentionable topics are also realities of love and relationships. In Indonesia, more women are divorcing their husbands because of polygamy.

Indonesia: Earthquake report through Twitter

  11 February 2009

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake jolts Indonesia and some parts of the Philippines. Twitter broke the news ahead of mainstream media. Jyamasaki tweets: “I continue to be impressed how twitter is able to report on the Earthquake in Indonesia a few hours before it's reported on major news sites.”