· October, 2008

Stories about Indonesia from October, 2008

Indonesia: Parliament approves anti-porn law

  31 October 2008

Indonesia now has an anti-porn law which critics say will curtail freedom of speech and traditional practices. Via Twitter, Aulia comments: “If only people would read the entire ‘porn’ law and understand its full consequences.”

Bali bombers to be executed next month

  25 October 2008

Three Indonesian men will be executed next month over the 2002 Bali bombings. Early this month, a cleric accused the CIA of being behind the bombings.

Indonesia: Views on the U.S. Financial Crisis

  9 October 2008

Americans are afraid of another Great Depression as the Wall Street crisis continues to worsen. Meanwhile, many Indonesians are afraid that the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis will happen again if the U.S. economy continues to deteriorate.

Indonesia: Local software industry

  6 October 2008

Hardjono Teknoblog blogs about the need for Indonesia to “develop its local software industry to the point that it can obtain a portion of the global software outsourcing market.”

China milk scandal and Southeast Asia

  5 October 2008

Like the rest of the world, the China milk scandal has shocked Southeast Asian countries. China is the major trading partner of Southeast Asian nations. How did governments, consumers, and bloggers from the region react to the issue?