· August, 2007

Stories about Indonesia from August, 2007

Indonesia: Kidnapping Children for Ransom

  26 August 2007

Nobody in Indonesia feels sure as to what motivates the criminals to abduct a child to serve their purpose. One thing is clear this trend is growing and it grows at an alarming pace. The “climax” of such child abduction criminal trend was the release of Raisya, a 4-year-old pre-nursery...

Indonesia: Beauty

  21 August 2007

Fatih Sayud in Indonesia writes how his perception of beauty has changed as he has grown older. The blogger asks readers for their criteria of how they would define a person pretty or charming.

Indonesia: Teen Virginity Tests

  20 August 2007

Indonesia Matters reports on a unsuccessful plan by a local government to give virginity tests to teenagers after several sex videos that had high school students in them started surfacing.

Thailand: Tallest Peak in South East Asia

  16 August 2007

BISEAN publishes pictures and heights of the top ten highest mountain peaks in order to dispel the myth created by travel agents that Mount Kinabalu in Sabah is the tallest peak in South East Asia.

Indonesia: Miss Universe Go Back

  13 August 2007

Japundit links to a news story where visiting Japanese Miss Universe Riyo Mori was given a cold reception by protesters in West Java, Indonesia. The protesters are a part of a hardline Islamic group that opposes the exploitation of beauty.

Indonesia: Protitution Emergency

  1 August 2007

Indonesia Matters blogs about an umbrella Islamic organization, the Bandung Sin Watch, that is concerned about the scale of prostitution in the Indonesian city of Bandung.

Indonesia: No to Foreign Talent

  1 August 2007

Unspun blogs about Indonesian Vice President Yusuf Kalla's call to stop employing foreign consultants and employees in the government sector.