· June, 2007

Stories about Indonesia from June, 2007

Indonesia: Visit Museums

  23 June 2007

Noelbynature links to a news article that has Indonesian president urging the people the visit museums. The blogger describes the changing nature of museums from the colonial times to the current days.

Indonesia: Visiting Borobudur

  20 June 2007

Blogger Ivan Henares from the Philippines is visiting Indonesia. Ivan writes about the largest man-made structure in the Southern Hemisphere, the Buddhist temple of Borobudur in Central Java.

Singapore: Ancient Scripts of South East Asia

  17 June 2007

Noelbynature recommends an exhibition on Malay scripts current being hosted at the National Library in Singapore. “this is indeed a rare opportunity to see the epigraphy of ancient Southeast Asia in one collection.”

Indonesia: Parents Comparing Children

  10 June 2007

So Mote it Be is cross at parents who like to compare their children with other's children. “Even if your precious one can read in the age of one, it doesn't necessarily mean he'd be smarter than his peers in the future. Ohkay, so he can walk before his first...