· March, 2007

Stories about Indonesia from March, 2007

Indonesia: Laptop for MPs

  28 March 2007

Indonesia is considering equipping its MPs with laptops. Indonesia Matters asks “Now, what is the real purpose of them having laptop at the first place? I haven’t seen any argument, a real urgent need of laptop voiced from the House of Representatives that justifies that laptop is crucial for their...

Bachelor Degree for President and the MP's Laptop

  24 March 2007

In political arena every move becomes political, or considered to be political if it's not in line with certain interest of particular segment of political elites. That's exactly what's happening currently in Indonesian both in politicosphere and blogosphere. A contentious debate over the current plan of DPR (Indonesia's MP) to...

Indonesia: Tribute to Australian Journalist

  15 March 2007

Maverick Indonesia writes a tribute to Morgan Mellish, an Australian journalist for a financial newspaper. Mellish lost his life along with 21 other passengers when a Garuda Boeing 737-400 plunged off a runway at Yogyakarta.